Oct 11, 2011

Q&A Part Two...

The question is how to renovate your bathroom or kitchen without breaking the bank.
Let's talk about bathrooms first...

If you absolutely hate the tiles in your bathroom, you can actually paint the tiles. For a more in-depth post on how we did our bathroom, check out this link.

If you think your tiles and grout is ok, then why not go all out changing the fittings, cabinets, mirrors and lighting? This will still cost some money but still far less that re-tiling
the whole ting.

Remember! By adding new lush towels, fresh flowers, candles and other decorative items to you bathroom, the whole room can get a new feel and actually feel lovely.

If the tiles are ok, but the grout is ugly and dirty, you can easily re-grout the bathroom yourself. Personally, I hate dirty old grouts and just by changing that, you can change a whole bathroom...and remember, these days you can chose any color you want
(they even have glitter ones:))
Or if you want a crisp white grout, why not go for a grout pen. Quick, easy and cheap!

For kitchens there are also many different choices depending on your budget.
You can change the white goods so it matches better with the rest of the kitchen.
You can change countertops, sinks and taps.
For a really small budget, changing all the knobs/handles on the doors can make
a major difference.
Paint the cabinet doors...either yourself or let a professional spray paint them in any
color and finish you want.

Also, changing the tiles is fairly cheap and simple.

Why not change the furniture, curtains and all the little things so they match?

And the list goes on....

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