Oct 11, 2011

Q&A Part Three...

Last part of my readers request is what to do with bookcases/cabinets in rooms with very high ceilings. I am not sure what type of ceiling we are talking about in this case, but since the reader is from Sweden, I suspect a slanting ceiling since they are very popular around here. Personally, I would never want that type of ceiling just because of the problem she is facing. I also think its more difficult to make the room warm and it tend to echo if one doesn't add fabrics and furniture that really absorbs the noise.
Anyway, the problem is that most bookcases/cabinets looks small and the whole room looks strange when you have meters of wall left above the bookcase. Unfortunately, some of the solutions will take the height down...which takes the whole point away from choosing a ceiling like that in the first place :(

Here they use paint/wallpaper to make a straight edge. This will help the proportion between furniture and ceiling.

Here, they have used a normal height cabinet and it looks really good, but they have also used oversized lighting that hangs a bit lower to even things out.

I don't mind floor to ceiling bookcases and I just would love to have a ladder as well. If you are like me that don't like clutter...add some nice drapery to hide your books. It can also complement the room by adding another texture or color.

I absolutely love this cluster of lamps. It really brings the height down as well as making the room cozy. If you are on a budget, why not mix and match with your own creations and something from Ikea.

You can also break the wall up by adding mouldings....
especially mouldings with lighting behind them.

The last example shows that by using the same color on the cabinets as the walls, they sort of blend in more easily. I think it's very stylish and it creates a seamless look rather than a sharp contrast between the bookcase and the wall/ceiling.


  1. i really like the room in the first picture:)

  2. Hi, it´s important that you write the sources where you find your photos. You have to give cred to the photographers, blogs, writers and inventors of all these DIY projects. Photos are protected by copyright!

  3. Hej du från Eskilstuna trakten! Om lamp projektet är ditt eller vet var det kommer ifrån så hojta gärna till så lägger jag in en referens fortare än fortast :) Lampan är för fin för att inte visas...


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