Apr 4, 2011

By request.....Our Bathroom!

Hi All!

Jill asked me if I could cover our bathroom renovation since she has the same problem as we did. Fairly newly renovated bathroom but in ugly colors. We didn't have room in our budget to re-tile our bathroom and since it was nothing wrong with it (except the colors) we decided to paint directly onto the tiles. Crazy I know but we love it and it was extremely cheap. I stand by that it is a perfect option until you can afford a proper bathroom renovation.

This is what out bathroom looked like when we moved in. I have seen worse color combinations but still it wasn't fancy and the grout......well I hate grouts, It felt dirty and I also dislike dark grey grouts together with a lighter tile.

First you need is something to clean the tile with. In sweden it's called T-rod and it's heavy duty stuff......think I lost a couple of braincells cleaning this bathroom :) So, you scrub the bathroom down, as well as the grout. Let dry.

Then we used tile paint or paint that is suitable for "wet rooms". We chose a color called eggshell and we used it on both walls and floor. I used a normal roller and tray for this job. Let the first layer dry before painting a second layer.
Note! We painted both the tile and grout....

Now to the negative points! I works really well, excellent really, if you have a bathtub or a shower tray of some sort. Our bathrooms drain is not properly placed so water collects on the floor next to the drain. This has led to that the floor paint just around the drain has starting to chip. Solution? We will redo the floor with another type of paint. We have decided to use resin or something that they use on boats. The walls and the rest of the floor is still in perfect condition.

So what about the price? I think we paid about 160 USD for the whole bathroom. That includes paint, rollers, cleaning agents and tape.

If you want to see more pics from our home, check out this link!

Happy painting!

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  1. Fantastiskt fint, känns knappast som ett badrum=)
    Hur tycker du färgen har hållt på väggar och golv?
    Är inne på att göra desamma nämligen men svårt att hitta nåt om hållbarheten på färgerna och hur snabbt de slits!
    Mvh. Lisa


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