Aug 21, 2011

My Sunday....

Yesterday I sold our black kitchen cabinet. We loved that cabinet with its glossy black surface but we really needed more space for our today, I bought this!
Love, love, love it! I really like its shape...kind of french looking :)

Now to the big which colors should we paint it?

A. Give it a colorless glossy surface (to keep the wood showing) with a white inside.
B. Paint it white on the outside with medium to dark grey inside.
C. White on the outside and a metallic beige/gold inside.
D. Your superb advice for different combinations :)


Please help me with this decision and tell me which option to opt for!


  1. C sound like a great combo so that's where my vote goes.


  2. How beautiful! I would paint it white with dark gray as the interior color.
    It is such a lovely piece..congratulations on acquiring it.

  3. Hi! At the moment I'm all into white so that is where I would go. And for the inside maybe white shelves and wall paper on the back wall in colours that matches your house/room/style?
    Anette :-)

  4. Leave it as it is. Painting it white is not pretty. It ruins the appeal of the piece.

  5. It's such beautiful wood and has such a lovely form, I think it would be a shame to paint it. If you must, then A


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