Aug 22, 2011

Around my House....

Our weekly changes!
Well, as you may know, we bought a new cabinet for the kitchen so the loved bubble photograph had to we moved it into the dressing room. It actually turns out to be a great fit :) We then had to swap other photographs around so we added them to the bedroom. The bedroom also has a new but old friend, my father in-laws acoustic guitar. All looks great and I really like the small changes!

Upcoming projects are new kitchen curtains, paint the new cabinet (if we could just agree on the color scheme), and adding a small table/cabinet/set of drawers for the kitchen as well as some new lanterns. Another addition that I am really thrilled about is that my oldest friend Sanna has given me the go on printing a large photograph from one of her will soon see what it is :)

Today is a busy day so better get started!

1 comment:

  1. Vart kommer de sex svarvita bilderna ifrån? :)


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