Aug 18, 2011

I bought a horse!

I have had my eye on a horse head from ZGallerie for a long time now but since they don't ship overseas it's a hassle and expensive to use other couriers. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this baby lying on a shelf in a domestic store just calling out my name! It's a little bit more detailed and not glossy like the ZGallerie one but I still love it!

Other bedroom additions....
I painted two small glitter paintings in brown for the window.
I also removed the white sheer curtain that were hanging behind the brown one and it looks so much better. The bedroom felt a little bit darker and cozier.
We also bought new bedding in brown to tie the whole brown theme together. Oh! and we actually bought a new mattress. Since borrowing a Tempur (love their pillows and have tried almost every shape over the last 10 years) mattress and slept like a queen, I have really wanted a Tempur but it is pricey, to say the least! We opted for the cheapest alternative available....Ikea again! It is not as firm as the Tempur one but I am surprised how comfy it is. Love it!

Now, the last thing to do in the bedroom is to make a new headboard. I have bought the fabric, I have the foam, the chromed nailheads are I just have to make it :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my God! It is absolutely GORGEOUS and i LOVE IT! Lucky you! It looks fabulous in your bedroom!


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