Aug 15, 2013

Product Junkie......Nails!

Well, summer is almost over and most of us are back at work.
Like most I guess, I have always high expectations and big plans for the autumn and for me it officially started on Monday. It reminds me of a New Years resolution :)
I have a plan on how to structure my days more efficiently....
I was going to go to the gym....often......
Eating right......etc etc etc :(

I went to the gym last week and the instructor showed no mercy so I have almost been bed ridden for a week now.....ouch! :) But I haven't really gotten around to it this week. The hardest thing is to start, right? Hate starting over!
The eating part of my new me is going pretty well I must say. I know it's early days and that it takes about 2 weeks to change your tastebuds from crap to vegetables. I would like to go more vegetarian than anything else. Just for the health benefits.
Oh, and we fast 2 days a week :)

Enough about my future plans, today I would like to recommend 3 products that have made my life considerably easier.
Like some of you, I like doing my nails myself and having products that really works helps!

First I soak my fingers for about 10 min.
Then I apply Be Natural cuticle eliminator for about a minute before I go over them with an orange stick and rub the nails and cuticles with an old wash cloth. This really removes old skin and makes my cuticles like new again.

I then use a nail oil. I would use any kind that contains sesame oil, or why not use plain sesame oil that you might use for cooking.

Finally, I apply a balm to the cuticles and massage that in as much as possible.
I have found that the Nuxe lip balm is the best ever for my cuticles. Weird but totally awesome :)

I give all these products 5/5 rating!!

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