Feb 28, 2013

My not so glam life....

Sorry for my absence  on and off this week but things are crazy here :)
I'm working on a big project, total makeover actually, which is great but also mentally exhausting since the mind works constantly. Hopefully I will be able to show you once it's done.
I also work as a substitute teacher and this morning I had to help 9th graders with their math and chemistry. My god!! It started off really really bad but ended on a good note, so for that I'm grateful :) 
If you have a class with a coupe of trouble makers that some permanent teachers have problems with.....guess what they think about the substitute teacher. Well, let's just say that they made me work for my money this morning!!

Anyway, let's move on :)
Today, our home is featured in Corren (a swedish newspaper) and for those of you who are interested and speaks swedish here is the link.

1 comment:

  1. your project sounds amazing! best of luck with that.. you have such a bold confident eye.. I really look forward to the results..


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