Feb 7, 2013

Drama Drama Drama...

I will be away from the blog for a couple of days!
I have had the worst week ever and the details will definitely gross you out :)
Tuesday I had a wisdom tooth removed surgically....all went well to begin with. Then my cheek blew up to the size of a watermelon, horrific pain and being able to open the mouth is not happening. I have really been under the weather but yesterday I had to clean the flat because we were suppose to have a photo shoot here today. 
Anyway, my boyfriend comes home from work, telling me that he fell during the day on an ice spot and hurt his thumb badly. After dinner we went to the emergency room and didn't make it back until 12.30 am. Took me 2 hours to fall asleep due to the pain. Slept 2 hours and wakes up...........

stop reading here if you are sensitive :)

..........thinking that I am throwing up or something because my mouth is full to the max with something. Runs to the bathroom and out comes blood by the gallon it felt like. Blood all over my face, over my upper body, all over our white carpet, all over my pillows......seriously, it was as a bomb when off in my mouth.
Still having a hard time figuring out where it all came from sooo fast. Weird? Yes! Gross? Yes! Stressed out? Heck yes!
I managed to stop the photo shoot and have stayed in bed pretty much all day.

Hope your day was better than mine :)
Just need to relax a little bit but will be back soon!!


  1. Bless!
    Gargle with anticeptic water and watch out for fever - hello anti biotics.
    Keep Well.

  2. Oh my God! Poor you, get better soon!

  3. So sorry to hear that. Get well soon :)

  4. Usch det där lät inte roligt!!! Hoppas du mår bättre snart. Tack för en oerhört inspirerande blogg. Vänliga hälsningar Åsa


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