Dec 11, 2012

I have finally launched my own website!
The best thing about it is that anyone, anywhere in the world, 
can hire me for some interior design help. You can watch my rates and what is included
in the different packages online. 
You can also browse through my portfolio where I will
be adding pictures from my projects :)

Our home was also recently featured in the swedish newspaper SvD. If your interested
to read about me or to watch pictures from my home, check out the page.

I would also love your feedback


  1. Vilken cool glamourös våning ni har! :-)


  2. Hi Tina, I love your posts, style and mails...really stunning, inspirational and uplifting :)
    You just have the style in you many look for. You asked for feedback. As photographer I would recommend to change your profile pic. as it is too dark with the used grey web background color. Ye get drawn into the dark spot, which is better not to. From a distance you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, I would advise ye to change it into a light pic, at least use a lighter background, your own interior would b great! Good that you have a website now! I’ll forward it to my friends here.


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