Nov 1, 2012

This I Love!


  1. how much fun is it to see women without makeup get transformed???? i'll never tire of it and have watched way too many infomercials late at night on tv with before/afters than i can say!

    hope you'll stop by...i am now happily sharing photos and info about my paris trip!

    smiles to you.


  2. I don't wear make up. I always wanted to. Even when I was an airline stewardess I only wore lipstick and even they I just wiped it on. The films I just saw on your blog make me want to try something slightly dramatic, well not too dramatic maybe just enhancing. Before you get excited at my progress let me reveal my age, 77 years old! Better late than never. My professional life as a research scientist discouraged forays into anything that would call attention to me instead of my research. Well, those years are behind me. If God directed your make up videos to me there must be a reason and I'm going to listen. I wish I could do a before and after and send it to you but I would probably be embarrassed. And you might be embarrassed too! Thanks again for your wonderful post. Ann


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