Aug 4, 2012

Old Stuff....

Oops! I saw these chairs on an online auction and put a bid in at the last minute and guess what?....I got them! So I gently had to tell my boyfriend that we had to rush to Stockholm to pick them up :)
They were a bargain!! I just couldn't resist.
Either I will use them in an ongoing project or I will make them even prettier and sell them....
The boys are mommy's boys since they LOVE old stuff. They live on these chairs at the moment, rubbing against them and play on them as they were a gift to them ;) boyfriend on the other hand hate old smelly stuff (haha).


  1. Jättefina stolar!

    Jag ärvde ett par gamla stolar av min mormor som jag nu är på väg att "förvandla". Kul!

  2. Fantastiskt fina! /Linda


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