Jun 10, 2012

Human Experiment!

My own Experiment
No soap for 1 month!!
I know it sounds awful, weird, odd or crazy and my my new nickname is probably "Stinky"? Right?
Well, not really. The reason for embarking on this unusual quest is that I was too tired of having dry skin, dry heels, itchy skin and Keratosis Pilaris on my body. I read of people who had tried this and became curious.....could it be the solution to all my issues?
I decided to try for a few weeks to shower without any soap. For my armpits and hands I used an SLS free soap, as well for my hair.

I remember lying in bed after the first week noticing how incredibly smooth my thighs and buns were. It was such a difference I just had to have a second opinion from my boyfriend :) The same happened with him.....his back became baby smooth and soft!!!
My heels hardly needs any balm anymore and I haven't itched once!
My lower legs are never dry and I don't even moisturize!!
And for the privates.....let's just say its all good....better actually :)
And the craziest thing of all! I haven't smelled bad once during this month....not even after a long, super sweaty day with hormonal teens acting up in every class. I get home and still smells like roses :)

Other good stuff is that you shower much quicker and you save tons of money on shower cream and soaps....AND moisturizers that you normally need to combat the dryness you get from the soap.

I love all the benefits from not using a soap in the shower so I will continue with this "odd" way of living for much longer.
I dare you to try it.....give it a week and evaluate! I don't think you will be disappointed!


  1. Sls free soap? Can be bought where? And what about your scalp? Less dry? Suffer from dry itchy scalp myself and NOTHING seems to help...

  2. Hi! I use Faith in nature hand soap and shower gel and they work fine. There are plenty to choose from out there and I buy mine online. As for shampoo I haven't really found one that I love, but they too can be found online. I too had an itchy scalp and over the years I have lost 50% of my hair until I finally went to the doctor and it turned out that I had yeast (you get a medicated shampoo which solves the problem right away). But I truly believe that all skin problems (face, body, scalp) can be solved my using as natural products as possible. We need to normalize the skin again!


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