May 9, 2012

Product Junkie.....Chanel Blush!

Based on a review I read somewhere, 
I decided to try the Chanel powder blush for myself.
It's actually a really flattering blush in a peachy-pink color (with a little bit of shimmer).
The good stuff is the color and that the shimmer won't really show once on the face....and the lovely and luxurious packaging!
The not so good stuff is that it's really hard to get some color on the brush. Maybe it's not pigmented enough or maybe it's too pressed because I have to work hard for some color on my cheeks. Sometimes  I think it's a good thing since it's almost impossible to overdo but this blush is a little bit too hard :(
Still absolutely love the color and would definitely buy again.

Chanel Powder Blush
Joues Contraste
#65 Espiègle

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