May 15, 2012

Paleo update....

I've had great response and comments about our paleolithic/primal ways which I love, 
so thank's for all the comments :)
I totally forgot to give you the weekly update on our progress 
so I thought I would squeeze in a short one now.
During the weekend, an international food market was in town so we cheated with the diet a bit, but the scales moved in the right direction anyway so it's all good.
HOWEVER (and a big one), it seems that the body has become more and more sensitive to that is. When we cheat, or eat bad carbs like bread and pasta, my stomach is upset for days....not to mention the heartburn and the pain minutes after eating. If you see me lying down in a restaurant....don't panic! It's just me having indigestion :)
To me, it really shows which foods that are best for you and your digestion. I guess this is a good thing, as it makes you think twice before eating bad stuff. However, is saddens med a bit since it makes it difficult to eat out with friends.
Other than that, we are thinking of getting our body fat % measured (caliper) but I am scared. I don't know why but I feel anxious about it. What if it's totally off the charts? What do I do if I'm thin and obese? I would just kill myself....and another thing is that it's not really tempting to take off your clothes in front of a muscular PT and show off your wobbly bits and then hearing him say....Yep! Just as I suspected, 33% body fat!!!

Other changes that I have been thinking about this past week....brace yourselves!
I have been thinking of going "no soap" (except for the hands). Have you tried it? I would love to know anything and everything about the subject!
I already wash my face with only water with great success so why not the body?
And I'm also transitioning from regular shampoo to SLS free shampoo as well as hand/body soaps.

I guess that's it for this week :)

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