Apr 2, 2012

We are going Paleo - the experiment!

Today is the day we start our own little experiment!
It's funny how these things work....I think most of us truly knows what we should eat to be healthy but somehow it gets lost and we just can't resist the "good" stuff. I also think that the toxins physically stops us from making wise and healthy decisions. 
I was reminded last week :) First from an email reminding me to eat clean (no dairy, legumes, processed food, sugar etc.) and then I watched this preview.....

I have never felt so determined and inspired to change my (our) ways!
We decided to try this way of living for a while to see if we noticed any changes.
I have a set of goals/questions that I will evaluate at the end of our trial - the experiment!

1. Will I lose a couple of comfort kilos?
2. Will my dark under eye circles improve?
3. Will my facial eczema go away?
4. Will my itchy scalp improve?
5. Will my skin become less dry?
6. Will I be less bloated?
7. Will I experience more energy?
8. Will I feel more happy?
9. Will my asthma improve?
10. Will I make gains at the gym?

This is going to be so interesting :).....and probably difficult at times :)

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