Apr 29, 2012

Paleo update....

I have been taking one day at a time :)
I do love this way of eating and I have never been more convinced that it's the right way, however it is not always easy. Dairy has been such a big part of our diet (Swedes loves their dairy) so it's difficult to change your mindset of what to cook and how to cook it....
My eczema has really been acting up and I can't figure out why? Maybe the body is detoxing? Anyone that knows?
Other weird things that are happening is that I'm starting to be able to feel any changes within the body. Kind of freaky :) I can feel the minute I ovulate, I can feel when my blood sugar rises....I'm talking about minutes here!! I can also feel when I have eaten something I shouldn't....I get a heartburn from hell as a reminder :) I guess these are all good things but it feels weird.
The best thing about this week has been that my cuticles has become soooo soft! and I have always been troubled by super dry cuticles. Yay!
Have you tried eating Paleo? Or are you already eating like a caveman or woman? I would love to hear about your experiences :)

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