Jan 1, 2012

Product Junkie...Mason Pearson

For lack of other blog ideas this evening, lets talk about my new hairbrush.
I bought this based on great reviews a while back. It is insanely expensive and I was skeptical and I'm still not sure if I like it. Now when I think about it it's almost just one good thing that comes to mind....it is really good at detangle any knots (with just one stroke). So that's a BIG plus! Now to the not so good features. The bristles are stiff so they can penetrate the hair but way too stiff for my scalp - it almost hurts. It also picks up any oil from the scalp which makes the hair really greasy looking. Another thing is that it makes the hair really pouffy. Don't get me wrong, I love big hair but the hair hair looks like something taken from a 70's movie :(
Hmm, not too excited over this brush.....
Do you have one and what do you think?

I rate this 1.5/5

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