Dec 11, 2011

Product Junkie....

I really want to recommend these two newbies!
Since my last visit to my hairdresser, I made a promise to myself that I would do anything to prevent that the hairdresser says (yet again) that my hair is dry. So now I literally drench my hair in oils, treatments and masques. I tried the Sebastian Penetraitt and it must be the best thing ever. The hair is left silky smooth and I hardly have to brush it. It is a masque that you leave in for just 3-5 minutes which I think is great!
It has also gotten great reviews from other users. Next I will also try the Penetraitt shampoo.

The other little gem is the mini volume tool. It comes in a variety of brands but make sure it's tiny so you get near the roots. It actually works surprisingly well. The hair gets volume and it lasts until your next wash.

I would love to hear about your hair favorites since I'm always on the lookout for that perfect product!

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