Dec 6, 2011

The Deep End....

I am so nervous about tomorrow that I can't either eat, sleep or even find great inspiration for you guys! The deep end doesn't even describe it...more like I have dived into a bottomless pool. I was asked if I would be interested in teaching english and swedish for high school kids while the regular teaches was away.....from somewhere in the middle of that call, my life has been a blur. I can hear myself say -Sure, why not! What was I thinking? I hate speaking in public and I always get blurred tunnel vision, dry mouth and a shaky voice - not very attractive :)
What happens if I get too nervous and speeds up everything and I finish way early -what then? OMG, I better stop talking about it or I will have a coronary arrest :)
Hopefully I can produce some beautiful inspiration tomorrow!

/ Tina

1 comment:

  1. that does soud horrible.. I used to do that too.. but in my experience its either you do just fine once u are there.. or u just run it trhough ur mind and see urself the way u want to.. works like a charm! Good luck!


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