Nov 23, 2011

Product Junkie....Nars!

For the last few weeks I have been obsessed with makeup! I am starting to see a pattern in my life....I either only shop things for my home, clothes or makeup for weeks to months. Weird? Probably yes but I really have a tendency to get a little bit obsessed :)
Earlier in the year I made a promise to myself to wear more lipstick (especially red ones) but haven't really worked up my courage. Well, I haven't worn any yet, but at least I now have some in my makeup bag :)

Based on reviews I decided to try the Nars Pure Matte lipstick!

"This innovative, matte lipstick has intense, stay-true color, so lips look lush and vibrant. This exquisitely blended formula strikes the perfect harmony between optimal color, an ultra-matte finish and a hydrating lip treatment"

I bought the colors Bankgok (pink) and Vesuvio (red).
I really like the colors and the red is just perfect! They glide on effortless and smooth and the staypower is actually good. My lips don't feel dry - just normal.

This is a good buy it you are looking for a matte lipstick!
I rate it 4/5


  1. Wow I really like the Vesuvio one! It suits you very well. I would love to have it, but I don't know where to buy Nars in Germany.
    By the way, I really enjoy your blog.. every day! :)

  2. Hi JayJay!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog...sometimes I actually wonders if anyone reads it :) We don't have Nars in Sweden either but you can buy it at (expensive shipping) or hqhair (uk). Cheers!

  3. Hi Tina!

    Thank you very much for the tips. I looked at the homepage and found out that there are several stores in London selling Nars. As my boyfriend is there for two days he managed to buy me the lipstick and a blush. Yay :)


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