Nov 1, 2011

Product Junkie....Hair Oils!

This time it is the battle of the hair oils!
I believe that oils is the best thing for our skin and hair, so I have been on a search for a good hair oil. I regularly use plain Jojoba oil as a hair mask or just a little bit after washing for shine. But as always I am searching for that ultimate product that does everything and is actually healthy for my hair.

I bough the Macadamia healing oil first as people raved about it and people seemed to like it better than the Moroccan oil and the Argan oil. When I received it I was sooooo upset. It is a bottle full of silicones. It smells really good though and I actually like it on my hair but the silicones really puts me off.
So I decided to spend more money on another oil (by the way, I couldn't find the complete ingredient list before purchasing), the Bamboo Kendi Oil. Guess what's in that bottle?
Yep! Bottle no 2 of silicones.


What is wrong with the beauty industry? Or is it our fault? Don't we care if we get build-up in the hair that dulls it or can even make it fall out, just because the product has slip and the hair glides between our fingers?

I guess I will have to make my own oil blend with jojoba, macadamia, argan and avocado oil.

And for those that don't care about putting lots and lots of silicones in their hair.....The macadamian oil smells divine but I think the Kendi oil has less silicones in it.
I rate them both 3/5

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