Nov 3, 2011

I'm In Love!

I have always loved Stila's blushes but I haven't used them lately since they are so darn difficult to find. I recently realized something...why keep searching for that perfect blush and wasting lots of money on the way - when you know that you have already found it. So I did just that, reminded myself of how much I absolutely love Stila.
I ordered the Stila Custom Blend Blush in pink. I know! OMG comes to mind when looking at it in the pan but don't worry...the color adjusts itself to your skin tone.
This blush is absolutely AMAZING! The blush is transparent and melts into your skin, making it look alive and radiant! It is so easy to blend and you will never get that ugly powdery look. It also stays put all day long, which is a new for me.
I am totally in love so I had to order the the second color right away...I believe it's more peachy.

If I could I would rate this 10/5 :)

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