Nov 11, 2011


It's finally Friday and I can't stop wondering what the weekend has in store for my family.....hopefully something fun :)

I wanted to update you on my weight losing journey and actually end it...woohoo!
I have reached my goal and beyond. I started the journey with 65 kg in my backpack and now it only weighs 58.5 kg. For those that can't be bothered to count -
that would be 6.5 kg and I couldn't be happier :)
Unfortunately I have no new pics but I wanted to leave you with two resources
that are life changing...Truly!

I hate going through life feeling deprived of good and sometimes unhealthy food....I can't think of anything more depressing and it's probably the most common reason for failing your weight loss journey.
I found a way to eat normal food every day....normal portions, sometimes healthy, sometimes unhealthy and frankly quite often added desserts....and still manages to stay on this weight. All thanks to fasting. I know, you think fasting days on end with just soups, juice and water. No, no, no! All I do is skipping breakfast - thats how easy it is. Besides, breakfast food is mostly junk anyway. Did you know that a yoghurt contains more sugar than a can of coke? And that's what families are giving their kids before going to bed or for breakfast - shocking!

For those of you that are on a weight losing journey -
best of luck and never give up your goals!
If you need advice or just pepping along the way...don't hesitate to email me!

Lots of Love

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