Oct 29, 2011

Product Junkie....Mascara!

Well, the search for the best mascara continues...
This time I tried d.j.v beautenizer volume lash mascara!
A lot of people swear by it so I had to try it.

My problems with mascaras:
They sting my sensitive eyes
They smudge and flake because I use oils in my skincare routine
After a few hours my lashes feel heavy, my eyes starts watering and I desperately need to wash the mascara off or my eyelids will be crusty dry the day after....not so nice, I know!
We all dream about long, thick, curled lashes, but at this point I am just looking for something that helps me with the above

This mascara is actually pretty good for sensitive eyes. Within the first half hour it flakes a little bit but nothing after that. It doesn't smudge or feel heavy on my lashes. It is also easy to wash off without too many lashes falling out :)

I will keep using this until I find that magic mascara that solves all my problems!
I rate this 4/5

If you know a good mascara for sensitive eyes, you MUST let me know!

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