Oct 4, 2011

A fresh start....

This week we are making a fresh start when it comes to exercise.
I lost my willpower for a second...or rather almost 2 weeks, but now we are back on track. Suddenly, the gym felt uninspiring, I felt extremely tired, period pain from hell and getting a cold are just a few reasons for feeling low.
We have read a lot about what Martin at Leangains.com has to say. It makes sense and we will give the lifestyle a go.
All in all it means that you fast from like 9pm to 11am.
Lift heavy....I mean extremely heavy 3 times a week.
Use RPT - reversed pyramid training.
Last but not least....cycle the carb load.

Every month we will have a weigh-in and "lift-in" with some people at Jonas' work.

This morning was our first session.
OMG! Luckily there were hardly any people there this morning because I made some noises resembling those heavy weight champions. I don't mean a minor grunt, but a big one - for every lift :) I though Jonas was going to die...
I have read about mental tiredness after lifting heavy but never really experienced it....until today! I feel mentally drained! I am almost sitting here with an empty stare and drool dripping from my mouth!

For those of you interested in our schedule:

1. Deadlifts
Leg extensions

2. Bench press
(Biceps standing curl). Optional

3. Squats
Military press

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