Oct 10, 2011

Exercise Update....

Oh, last week was brutal. Brutal!!
On Saturday morning we did our last session for the week. We did squats, lunges and military presses. Even before leaving the gym, I could feel pain in my butt, that's how fast the pain came. And from there it has only gotten worse, to say the least :( Even just turning in bed while sleeping woke me up in sheer pain. So, walking in stairs, getting up from a chair and going to the toilet will be left unsaid (but I'm sure you can use your imagination what that looks like).
This morning I even had to google extreme muscle pain because I was getting worried that something was seriously wrong (I can still hear my boyfriends voice in the back of my head -Sore muscles is the best feeling! WTF!)
I am also worried about tomorrows session, which includes leg extensions!!
Oh, I just got a message from the others doing the same schedule....and both of them will postpone the next workout because they can't move either (haha). So, I guess it's ok to push it forward a day :)

Wish me luck for this week!

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