Sep 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Today's mood: Tired but happy
Today's wellbeing: My body works just the way I want it to
Today's should-do list: Sew curtains and make a list of books to sell
Today's hairstyle: Ponytail as the hair is dirty and I am too lazy to wash it
Today's makeup: Minimal
Today's outfit: Dark jeans with loose fitted top
Today's plans: congratulate the newlyweds, watch a movie in bed and to buy a lamp
Today's materialistic must-haves: the white Captain floor lamp
Today's thoughts: Why am I so lazy?
Today's addiction: hmmm, probably nicotine and good food
Today's most boring thing: sorting out my books that are going for sale
Today's desire: to finish my curtains
Today's reading: going through my blog list

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