Sep 24, 2011


I think I have found the holy grail for my hair!!
My hair: dry, fried, unruly curls with the frizz.
I never ever wear my natural hair out because it's just so bad! It's so dry you can hear it if you crunch it :) The curls have a life of their own. On the same head, on the same day it can decide to have super tight ringlets on one side, dead flat on the other and large frizzy things in the back. Try to work with that! You never know what you get for the day so it's best to just keep it up :(
But, I have been on a mission (for years actually) to find the right products for my hair. I mean there must be something out there for us with the worse kind of hair?
I am glad to announce: Yes there is!

I went to the hairdresser last week and actually decided to go dark....more towards my own natural color (too tired of the ugly outgrowth). I think that helped a lot - not to bleach the hair I mean. The hairdresser also put some argan oil, or was it the Moroccan oil? Don't really know but my hair has NEVER been so soft and smooth.
So naturally, I decided to buy some oil for my hair but while waiting for my order, I tried a hair mask with some old fashioned Jojoba oil. I slapped it on and sat with it for a couple of hours...then washed as usual. I also decided to try the Sebastian Hydre mask, hoping it would help further. After towel drying, I sprayed some curl spray and went to sleep.

This morning, this is what my hair looked like!
Maybe not glamorous Hollywood curls but the best curls my hair has ever produced!!
Not to mention the softness! It doesn't even get frizzy when I touch it!

What is your best kept secret for curly hair?

This is the oil treatment I have ordered and I have really high hopes for this one :) I will return with a review after I have tried it!

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! Keep going with the curls. You're lucky to have them. I have long curly hair, fantastic hair and I get a lot of compliments.

    I have used a few products but I always get back to using nothing but hairspray. I hate the Michael Jackson greasy looking curly hair, I like the thick rope like matte curls, not matte dry, just not a wet look.

    I NEVER brush my hair after I shower. I run my fingers through it after rinsing conditioner, flip it over, into the towel, twist and leave to soak up the water for a bit. After about 19 mins I take the towel off and dry with my head upside down with a defusing head on the dryer. I try not to touch it much at all. I don't scrunch or mess with it. I can also just leave it to dry for a while, as long as I'm not going outside or anything.

    The trick with curly hair is to let the shower water shape it into ringlets, and not to mess with it and pull those ringlets out while drying it.

    Stick with it. The longer you go with your natural colour and style the healthier and shinier your hair will get.


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