Aug 27, 2011

First project done!

Finally the cabinet is finished!
Have you ever experienced that some projects really fight you every step of the way? Well, this furniture has done that and more....from picking it up to the last little detail. The inside was painted 4 times and with a layer of shellac in between, because yes! the wood bled through in a couple of places :(
Then to the horrid outside...I think I painted it 5 times and it still hasn't got that finish I was looking for....Gah!
And last but not least, the inside lighting. I had to drill holes for the cables and then file them bigger by hand so the cord could go throw....and did I mention that the lighting sucks? It has not the same warm sheen that was shown in the now I have a cabinet with drilled holes for lighting that I probably never will use :(
There are times like this that I just want to throw the project out of the window (literally).

On a happier note.....I also bought these hurricanes and painted them grey with a matt paint that I diluted to the point that it looked like watercolor. I think they turned out great and look very much the same as the original (way too expensive) I had in my mind. As some of you may is all about saving! :)

Today is a new day....and another piece of furniture. I wonder if that too will put up a fight?
Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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