Aug 31, 2011

By Request....

A while ago, a reader asked me for window decoration ides....easy? No, not really!
I think the windows are the most difficult part, don't ask me why?
Obviously, it all depends on what kind of windows you have, small, large, dark, lots of light and most important of all is that it has to go with the rest of your room.
Well, I searched high and low for window ideas with very little luck (maybe because it doesn't photograph well).

Here are a few:

Curtains, curtains, curtains...
If you add fabulous curtains to you window, the less you need to have in you actual window. If you want to go all out, line the curtains with a matching fabric so they also look good from the outside. I think that if you have gorgeous window treatments, a lamp is all you need to add some ambience.

Another popular thing are flowers. Why settle for the dark old green (and soon dusty) plant? Add some colorful blooms instead, or why not opt for many small vessels of different kinds and add fresh cuts in them....that way it wont cost too much and you will always have fresh flowers which everyone like.

Maybe add a large letter or other objects that are dear to you that also adds a little bit of drama or surprise?

Lamps, lamps and more lamps. Yes, I have a bit of a lamp fetish but lets face it, lighting is one of the most important things you can have in your home. It is stylish, it warms up a room at night and if I could afford it, mine would be on around the clock :) It also looks great from the outside and is welcoming.

Maybe not very groundbreaking ideas but still important parts to create a beautiful window!

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