Apr 30, 2011

Project Day.... Trompe l'oeil!

Chest How To
1. Choose an image that suits your style. Ours is from Antique Furniture and Decorative Accessories, by Thomas Arthur Strange. Note: There are many themed clip-art books available, some of which include a CD of images in JPEG format.

2.Take your image to a shop like FedEx Kinkos Office and Print Center. Ask them to enlarge the image so it's smaller than the dimensions of the surface you're decoupaging.

3. Use a utility knife to carefully cut out the image. Place image on top of the chest and mark the tops and bottoms of any drawers. Where marked, cut straight across with a utility knife.

4. Affix each piece of the image to drawer fronts (and the recessed surfaces in between) using spray mount or decoupage glue.

5. To keep the image looking clean and protect it from tearing after mounting, apply a top coat of Mod Podge.

(via Martha Stewart)

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