Mar 2, 2011

30 days....

There are 30 questions that I will answer in 30 days!

Day 01 – Short presentation about myself
Day 02 – My first love
Day 03 – My parents
Day 04 – What food do I cook for friends
Day 05 – What is love
Day 06 – If this was my last day
Day 07 – Friends
Day 08 – Favorite things
Day 09 – My belief or philosophy
Day 10 – Blog favorites
Day 11 – My siblings
Day 12 – 10 things you don't know about me
Day 13 – An ordinary day at my house
Day 14 – Bad habits
Day 15 – My dreams
Day 16 – First kiss
Day 17 – Childhood memory
Day 18 – An embarrassing moment
Day 19 – This I regret
Day 20 – My role models
Day 21 – My bad sides
Day 22 – This upsets me
Day 23 – My home
Day 24 – This makes me cry
Day 25 – This I am good at
Day 26 – My fears
Day 27 – My favorite place
Day 28 – Things I miss
Day 29 – This is what I will be when I grow up
Day 30 – 10 deadly sins

Which one to chose? ;)
When I was a teen I went on a date with this bad boy guy. We really didn't know each other so I was quite nervous. We were going somewhere on the tube and at the top of the escalators we realized that the train was about to leave so he said: Run! We ran all the way down the escalator and then I had to make a 90 degree turn. He was already on the train holding the doors....did I mention that the train was full of people....I mean FULL! There was a wet spot on the floor and I ended up doing an acrobat show in the air before landing on my shoulder. Seriously thought I had broken it and just wanted to lie there crying but since the whole train was waiting for me I had to suck it up and crawl to the doors in serious pain. Then when he asked if I was ok.........YES! I'm it didn't hurt at all! Why do we do that?

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