May 17, 2012

Summer feet.....

I just have to share a homemade recipe for perfect summer feet!
Well, all winter I really have neglected my toes and never thought I would get them summer ready (that's how bad they were). I have searched for years after the perfect foot balm/cream but pretty much all of them are mediocre at best. I decided to take on an experiment and make my own! I don't have a proper recipe written down because who knew it was going to be the BEST ever foot treatment?

I used lanolin!
This is the base of the cream so the amount is dependent on how much you would like to do.

I used glycerol!
Maybe I used 1 part glycerol to 2 parts lanolin.

I used vitamin E mixed in almond oil!
I poured some in and stirred. Added some more until I like the consistency.

I also added a bit of extra oil!
I think I used Jojoba, but think Macadamia or any other good oil will work just fine.

I applied it after the morning shower and that is it. I think it just took a week until my feet were completely healed and super soft. I don't even have to apply daily now.....
You just have to try this recipe if you have problems with your feet!!!
I will never pay money for a foot cream again!

The Callus eliminator is another excellent product to help you on the way if your feet are really bad. Works wonders on the cuticles as well!

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