Apr 17, 2012

Product Junkie....Stila!

I have been a fan of Stila foundations for years now and recently I decided to try this fairly new Perfect & Correct foundation. I was a bit nervous that my face would freak out since they have added extra ingredients for wrinkles, oil control and moisture but it is actually fine! It I'm lazy and sleep with my makeup, I do have a little bit of an itchy eyelid the day after but nothing serious.
It is super easy to apply (I apply with my fingers), 
blends well and you get medium coverage.
It doesn't accentuate any flakes or dry spots (never with Stila) 
and never settle into lines.
I like this and would rate it 4/5.
However, I do prefer the Illuminating liquid foundation because it gives you a more dewy finish.....this gives you more of a matte finish.

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