Dec 1, 2011

By Reguest....Gift tags!

One reader needs easy inspiration when it comes to gift tags. Not everyone is artistic or crafty when it comes to things like this. I have tried to show pretty examples that are easy to make. However, I think that a pretty wrapping paper and ribbon is all you need to create a stunning gift....and then just write the persons name on the wrapping paper.

If you know your way around the kitchen, why not make beautiful edible gift tags?

This is super easy! Punch or cut out a circle in colored paper and draw a citrus pattern with a white pen.

This person has made gift tags out of popsicles. Write the message on the stick or why not use letter stamps and ink!

Another great example just using a nice paper and ribbon!

If you don't like to write freehand, why not print the message on your printer and cut it out in a nice circle or oval.

Another example just using paper, stamps and ink!

Another lovely idea is yo use your kids fimo. Roll out, cut out in a nice shape, stamp the message and bake in the oven until hard.

This is what I'm going to do for this years christmas gifts. Brown wrapping paper, red ribbon, candy canes and a twig from a tree. You can also use pine cones, leaves and other free natural material.

This is something I do often! Cut out a shape, make holes for the ribbon and thread through. Then writing the message on the tag with a nice pen.

(via Giverslog, Housetohome, Hiphostess, The hidden list, Ottoman, Perideau designs, Inkello, Crafterholic, Momecentric)

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