Oct 14, 2011

Few of my favorites...

When I stepped out this morning 6.15 to go to the gym, my worst nightmare had come true....winter is definitely around the corner. We had ice on our car window and now I feel bad for thinking crazy thoughts about a person I saw the other day with her winter coat already on :( A small mental apology goes out to her!
Another note from this morning....I was incredible weak at the gym (so were my boyfriend), I even had to lower the weight on the bench press. But interesting enough is that the group that we are "competing" with, were also super weak today. Is it just a coincidence or is it because we all cheated yesterday and loaded our poor bodies with sugar, wine and other bodily pleasures? Hmm, can crap really do that, that fast?

But everything feels so much better when coming home and my little Bruno lets me kiss him all over his beautiful little face....closed eyes, purr and all :)

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