Feb 21, 2011

By request.....Kitchen Islands!

Today I reader needed help finding a kitchen island.....not too big, but fabulous!
Here are some favorites of mine.....

A great idea is having kitchen cabinets on wheels with a proper top. You can adjust the size depending on how many cabinets you choose and you can move it to make more space.

Another good idea is to combine cabinets and open shelves, where you can store books and other beautiful objects.
A smaller island with combined storage and seating

Depending on how the kitchen looks, a fab idea is to have the cooker in the island.

1 comment:

  1. Åååh Tack Tina! Vilka bilder och vilka köksöar...mmm här ska planeras vidare nu med ny energi, hittade några riktiga kandidater :) Massa kramar


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